Dr. Kristen O’Dell started her career in traditional medicine after graduating from Yale University. As a physician’s assistant, she learned quickly that quantity mattered over quality, and her brief encounters with patients made it impossible to offer complete care. She was treating symptoms, not causes.

As an analytical practitioner who wanted to offer the best to her patients, she desired to learn more. What were their stressors? What was holding them back from health? Did they understand their own medical condition? Were they eating properly? Were their bodies being polluted by toxins? Were they sleeping well? The traditional medical model simply didn’t allow her the time to troubleshoot.

Coincidentally, many patients were starting to ask about supplements, alternative protocols, and testing. The desire for better patient care coupled with an innate curiosity resulted in her transition to Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. O’Dell earned a Doctorate from Bastyr University in Seattle, WA in 2008 and moved to Bedford, NH, where she started a practice.

In the resulting decade, thousands of patients have sought customized solutions to determine why traditional medicine is not working for them and how naturopathy can unlock their health. Many of these patients have challenging medical histories – but the challenge allows Dr. O’Dell to positively impact their lives in ways they have never experienced.

Over the years, Dr. O’Dell has developed a proprietary self-serve program to allow patients to decrease the body’s burden of toxins. Some patients opt to participate in this program for weight loss, some to have more energy, some even as a reboot after a few weeks or months of unfavorable dietary habits. Whatever the reason, there is no arguing that we are exposed to an average of 800 toxins per day. It is the job of our bodies to figure out how to eliminate these toxins and repair any damage that might occur due to the exposure.

This program is designed to assist your body in dealing with its toxic burden, which often translates into feeling better overall. Most people have some daily symptoms that they are used to dealing with, not realizing they are not necessary and can be eliminated through healthy eating and supplements.

Naturopathic Medicine focuses on biochemistry, cellular behavior, genetics and positive lifestyle choices to improve health and well-being, a different toolkit that can be used alone or in conjunction with traditional medicine.

Whether the 10-Day or 28-Day program, your body will simply feel healthier when the program is complete.