Are the products free of common allergens and preservatives?
Yes, the products are free of gluten, soy, nuts, whey and artificial sweeteners. However, the powdered greens do contain wheatgrass. Upon request, we will ensure your greens powder does not include wheatgrass.

Can I take my regular supplements while on the detox?
Yes you can, although it is probably not necessary as you are getting a full multivitamin, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatories within the Detox Capsules and Detox Shake.

How often can I do a detox program?
Some will do a detox every quarter/season; others will do a detox program once a year. Whichever the case, the hope is that every time you complete a detox program, you realize how much better you feel with proper nutrition and supplements. I hope this parlays into a shift of better lifestyle habits.

Will you go over how to live a less toxic life?
Through the Facebook page and our message boards, I will give you many referenced articles about how to decrease your toxic burden, hence lowering the level of inflammation in your body. Anytime we process toxins, we create inflammation. This program will help you process toxins more efficiently as well as inform you on how to lower your toxic exposure.

What if I don’t exercise or do the home treatments?
As with anything, the more you put in, the more you get out. The exercise and home therapies/treatments are designed to improve your results. They also are there to restructure your days and make time for your health.

What do I do if I have a question?
The BNM Detox Facebook page and the message boards have been set up to provide a Q and A forum as well as to provide you with additional resources and information. Please ask to join this Facebook page.

Is the fee of the program refundable?
Once the supplement package is purchased it is not returnable.

Are there people who should not do a detox?
Yes, women who are pregnant or nursing should not detox. Also those on certain medications should not detox. These are medications that require blood level assessments and have a narrow therapeutic window.

Does it matter if I take supplements with or without food?
No, all of the supplements can be taken with or without food any time of day. However, the Detox Capsules need to be taken at bedtime for optimum performance.

Will I lose weight on this detox program?
While the goal of this detox program is to optimize your health, and decrease inflammation, most will lose weight if they pay attention to grain intake and overall caloric intake. I ask that women do not go below 1200 calories and men stay above 1500 calories.

Will I experience digestive distress on this program?
This detox program was designed to be easy on the body while maintaining efficacy. Some will see changes in their bowel habits, when this food plan is significantly different from their usual diet.