10-Day Detox – Silver

10-Day Detox – Silver


Hi I’m Dr. Kristen O’Dell. I have been successfully running detox programs in my private practice since 2008. I have finally found a way to offer these programs to the public outside of my patient population at an affordable cost. You will receive many of the same benefits as my patients while managing the program yourself!

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The 10-day detox is shorter, of course, than the 28-day program. It’s designed for people who simply need a reset. Maybe you’ve been on vacation, sipping tropical drinks and making runs to the buffet line 24/7; maybe you’ve just finished up a rough patch at work, the kids are nuts, and you haven’t sat down for a real meal with vegetables in weeks; maybe it’s the end of the holiday season and you need to press the reset button on your eating habits (is frosting a food group?); or maybe you just need to kick some bad habits.

You can get back on track. It’s not as bad as you think. We will help you bring down inflammation and bloating and get rid of those annoying cravings.



With both the 28-Day and 10-Day Detox programs, you get the following:

  1. A choice of one of two diets (one for omnivores and one for vegetarians);
  2. Four supplements made from the appropriate ingredients at the appropriate doses to support the body’s natural detoxification pathways. Of course, in the 28-Day Detox, you’ll get a greater quantity of each of these supplements… that makes sense, right? These are formulated as a protein-packed detox shake, a greens powder, detox capsules, and a powerful antioxidant that aids in recovery;
  3. Home therapies. These are simple techniques done in your home to increase circulation and the lymphatic system. We cannot get rid of toxins without engagement of these systems;
  4. Exercise guidelines;
  5. A pre and post toxicity questionnaire. This allows a better assessment in how much improvement really took place;
  6. GOLD ONLY: Video clips and information on how to live a less toxic life.
  7. GOLD ONLY: Our Priority Response is included with the 10-Day Detox Gold. Priority Response means we will get back to you within 48 hours (and in most cases, 24).

Everything will be shipped to your home within 7-10 days. Access to the information expires in 30 days. Most people have questions… we try to answer the most common ones here.

It is estimated that your body comes into contact with over 800 toxins a day. 800! Without any intervention, this can quickly lead to illness. Take the necessary steps to offset this burden!

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